Bleed and Crop Marks: What Do They Mean For You?

If you have worked with a printing firm, you have probably heard the words “bleeds” and “crop marks” come up before.  But what does that actually mean to you, the print buyer? What are Crop Marks? Crop marks tell the printer where to cut the paper, especially if it’s a finished product, such as a […]

Direct Mail is Not Failing. Here’s Why.

Direct mail is king in advertising. It’s direct, in your hands, and grabs attention right away. There’s no cold calling, knocking on doors, or guessing if your direct mail made into your customers’ hands. In a 2020 consumer survey, 71% of people reported reading the ads that come in the mail. And 54% say that […]

The Benefits of Banners

A banner is a large piece of fabric or flag used to advertise a business by displaying a slogan, logo, symbol, or promotional offer. It is one of the oldest forms of advertising, and it is still around today because it is low cost and effective. Benefits of Banners Banners have a wide array of […]