Using Direct Mail to Promote Your Website

Both direct mail—the printed word—and websites are essential in promoting your business. So, how does it work? What’s the secret to using direct mail to promote your online presence? Let’s take a look. Don’t rely on Google to sell your site to anyone. Just because you have a website doesn’t mean you will become an […]

10 Ways to Get People to Respond to Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing takes time and money to execute well, which means it needs to hit the mark and provide a good return on investment. Here are ten ways to ensure your marketing efforts get the response you’re looking for. 1. Find your target market. It’s great to think that your business is for everyone, but it’s […]

How to Use the 40-40-20 Rule of Direct Marketing

The 40-40-20 rule of direct mail marketing breaks up marketing into three parts to help you predict and evaluate the success of your direct marketing campaign. According to Investopedia, direct marketing is any marketing that uses direct communication or distribution to customers through mediums such as mail, email, social media, and texting. The success of […]

8 Print Marketing Pieces Every Business Needs

It is nice to have an endless budget for marketing; however, most of us don’t have that luxury. But a business needs to have at least eight printed marketing pieces to be successful and leave its mark. Whether you are new to business or have tired marketing materials, now’s the chance to freshen up. Here […]