Increase Customer Engagement with Out-of-the-Box QR Codes

Not long ago, scanning books or groceries by a rectangle barcode seemed quite novel. It was fast, convenient, and just a little fun. But as society’s pace accelerated, so did our need to read barcodes efficiently. In 1994, Japanese auto-makers adopted “Quick Read” QR codes (square matrix barcodes that could be scanned from any direction) […]

Rise and Shine with Big, Breathtaking Displays

Ready to stop traffic with eye-catching displays? Spectacular banners and backdrops ensure a competitive edge. Researchers estimate it takes only one-fifth of a second to evaluate a brand image, and 94% of that is design related. If you want to get all eyes on you, large-scale displays bring a big statement with a smashing style. […]

Creative Ways To Use Print Marketing to Boost Your Business

There are many ways to increase business through marketing with print. Although the world has experienced an unparalleled technological revolution, print media’s importance in reaching customers remains an uncontested force. According to Forbes, print marketing is more recognizable, memorable, and decipherable to consumers than its digital counterpart. As old as advertising itself, print media is […]