10 Ways Print Marketing Earns Repeat Customers

Loyal customers are extremely valuable.

A 2% increase in customer retention has the same effect profit-wise as cutting costs by 10%, according to the book Leading on the Edge of Chaos.  Below are 10 ways print marketing can help you earn repeat customers.

1. Print builds trust; trust builds loyalty.

Print is one of the most trusted advertising methods out there.

82% of consumers trust print ads the most when making a purchase decision. Customers who trust a business are more loyal to it, leading to greater revenue and business growth.

2. Loyalty programs … create loyalty.

Loyalty programs do just as they’re intended: they build loyalty! 

Start a loyalty program by printing loyalty cards. This helps both your customers and your business keep track of points. Loyalty programs will turn the buying experience into a positive one for customers. They will feel like they are doing something good because each purchase gets them closer to the end reward. For example, every $100 spent equals 10% off their next purchase.

3. Personalization builds loyalty.

Print adds that personal touch that can be lost in the digital world.

Try sending out birthday cards to remember your customer’s big day. Or send out thank you cards to let the customer know you appreciate their purchase and support. A grateful company that remembers its customers’ birthdays will earn loyal customers.

4. Direct mail campaigns foster loyalty.

Direct mail campaigns remind customers about your business.

Try collecting the names and contact information of every customer who walks through your door. Then reach out to them through direct mail campaigns. Even the most loyal customers get busy and forget to stop by. Send them a friendly reminder!

5. Promotional products build loyalty.

Promotional products keep your business at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

The most loyal customers are the ones that are most often thinking about your business. By sharing practical gifts, such as pens, calendars, t-shirts, lanyards, key chains, and toys, customers will remember your company every time they frequently use the promotional product.

6. Customer feedback creates loyalty.

Customers love to know their feedback is taken seriously.

Jumpstart customer feedback by sending out surveys in the mail. Even better, respond to their feedback and let them know how you incorporated it into your business plan. This will make the customer feel valued while also providing constructive ways to improve your business. A valued customer is a loyal customer.

7. A positive first impression produces loyalty.

Drawing in loyal customers starts at the very beginning: the first impression.

What better first impression than with print? It shows the customer you are a quality, trustworthy business that cares about its customers.

8. Exclusive invitations generate loyalty.

Host special events for your loyal customers and invite them through custom invitations.

Holding special events for your customers will make them feel appreciated. They’ll want to support a business that appreciates them.

9. Inserts foster loyalty.

Put inserts inside of packages being shipped and customer bags.

Include upcoming sales or special coupons within these inserts. This will keep your business on the customer’s mind. Loyal customers are the ones who remember you. Help them out!

10. Booklets build loyalty.

Print informative booklets just for your customers.

The fact that you took the time and effort to create booklets will appeal to any customer. They’ll want to remain loyal to the business that provides them with their favorite reading.

Loyal customers are the best customers. Print can help you attract more loyal customers.