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Atlanta Reprographics Printing Services

Blacklines with Screw Post Binding
Blacklines with Screw Post Binding
  •  Blacklines with Screw Post Binding
  •  Redlines
  •  Color CAD with Strip Binding

Color Options

- B/W - Redline (Red and Black)

- Color Paper Sizes

- Up to 36” wide by any length 


Common Sizes

- 11”x17”

- 12”x18”

- 15”x21”

- 17”x22”

- 18”x24”

- 22”x34”

- 24”x36”

- 30”x42”

- 34”x44”

- 36”x48”


Paper Options

- 20# Bond

- Vellum

- Mylar


Finishing Options

- Staple

- Bind with strip

- Screw Post

Can you print DWG files?

Yes; however, printers can’t read DWG files, so they must first be converted into another file format, such as .PDF, .PLT or DWF. BuckBlue can convert your files for you, although there is a $5 fee per file. Please also include the CAB folder associated with your DWG file, as this folder has all the necessary fonts and images for your drawings.


How long does it take to print redlines or color drawings?

In the past, large format color printing was a slow process; however, our new Canon printers can print your drawings nearly as fast as our B/W machines.

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